Found a nice writing balance that seems to be working …

Found a nice writing balance that seems to be working …

I hope your day is going well. Pretty day in Atlanta ... Enjoying quiet, relaxing afternoon as I work on PR for new novella ("For Richer For Poorer"). Here's latest PR piece:

Nice Writing Balance

Time to get back to next release, due out over next several days. It's a small business publication about property tax liens. Have found a nice balance that seems to be working well -- one week fiction; next week non-fiction (small biz books). The small business books give the old mind a creative break, you know. Always refreshed when I slide back into fiction mode the following week. Hope I can keep this pace. So far, so good.

Digression: Ahhh, looking so forward to winter in Caribbean this year ... on a poor man’s budget, but life is so short, and you can make your dreams a reality by simply sacrificing and jumping. Missing the sea, my friends, my favorite little place by the water, my "uber" calm. Feeling blessed.

Okay, back to editorial before workout in park later in prep for Reggae Marathon. :) Thank you for dropping by my page; it means a lot.

Enjoy rest of YOUR day. :)


New Release:  "For Richer For Poorer"

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