Got you covered!

My publisher revealed my book cover while I was on the road. I checked Facebook, and there it was. The design was partially a collaborative effort. They asked me what I had in mind and I rambled. They showed me a few concepts they were working on and I told them why I thought their images didn't fit the title or represent the story.  They changed the title, created a new concept, and went with it.

Initially I was not happy. (In retrospect, nothing would have made me happy. Although I don't know enough to design a book cover, I had some ideas, largely unworkable.) I decided to say nothing, just put it out there without comment and see what other people said. That turned out to be a wise decision.

The response to the cover design was positive. I shopped it around at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival and people pointed out details I had not thought of. Very inviting; Love the colors; Those chairs are great: I heard these phrases again and again.

I asked a new friend what he thought the house looked like. He said, "A Craftsman cottage in California in the 1950s." He nailed it. The house (which looks different in my mind's eye) plays a central role in the book. I never would have thought to put it on the cover.

It's not important that I love the cover. It's important that readers love the cover, and many say they do. It's growing on me.

I like it. 

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