Just Released: A Bushel's Worth: An Ecobiography
My book, A Bushel's Worth: An Ecobiography, has just been released by Torrey House Press. In A Bushel’s Worth, I write about my farm, Stonebridge, and the wonderful community that has formed here around local, small-scale, organic food production. In writing ecobiography, I explore how my roots in farming formed my connection with the natural world and inspired an environmental activism committed to keeping land in agricultural production. I also look back to my grandparents’ farms in North Dakota for lessons about farms as what I call “cultivated space,” a place where humans and nature form a fertile alliance. I'm a reader in the book, as well--of my grandmother's diaries, family photographs, classic farm literature, and even recipes from then and now. You can learn more about A Bushel’s Worth and watch a digital excerpt from the chapter about my great-grandmother Flora, a teacher and farmer on the North Dakota prairie, at my website, abushelsworth.com. If any SheWrites members are in the Boulder or Denver area, I'd love to meet you! Check abushelsworth.com for upcoming readings and events and see www.ecobiography.com for more on my work with ecology-based memoir and writing workshops and retreats offered at our Colorado farm.

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