Written by
Wendy M Thomas
August 2013
Written by
Wendy M Thomas
August 2013

This is an exert from my story R&R. I love this scene! What do you think?

“Great! Race you!” She jumped up and ran into the woods. She shifted nearly on the run. Her jeans were toast but she could not bring herself to care. Where a woman once stood was now an elegant looking centaur. Her coat was white with large red brown splashes. Her tail was a shade darker than her red hair. She loved the heart shaped mating mark on her rump and her darkened hooves. Both signs she was now completely mated.

She raced deeper into the woods. When she reached the stream she stopped. Behind her she heard heavily hoof beats and knew her mates has shifted and followed. When she turned to face them they stopped and stared at each other. Ryder was a glorious palomino. His coat looked like pure gold in the moonlight. Rafe’s coat was raven black with long white hairs around his hooves and a white tail. Both men unlike her, had shed their shirts so their well muscled chests gleamed in the dim light.

She smiled warmly at them. This was the first time she had changed in front of another centaur. Her horse self had never been touched before so when they came alongside of her and began to run their hands along her it felt deeply intimate. She stood as still as stone and closed her eyes. Her whole self was focused on their hands and each touch of their horse selves.

She got her turn to explore them as well. It was the most beautiful and sensual thing she had ever known aside from their first night in bed together. She softly kissed their mating marks as they had done to her.

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