What a Difference a Week Makes

I've been crying the blues ever since I've entered into the marketing promoting phase of this self-publishing process. After I put on my big girl pants things have turned around and I have been blessed to be led by God to groups, people, and places to help in my process of booking selling. Once I changed my attitude many people have helped me to obtain a better perspective on this new phase of my life. Also since then many have contacted me on facebook, email, and Goodreads with great reviews. I am humbled and so grateful for the responses. After all of these years I can say that anything worth doing well takes work no matter how long it takes. I'm so glad that now I am living my dream during this season of my life and feeling blessed.



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  • Abby Kelly

    Well, I'm going to preach to myself at the same time that I encourage you! I'm in the process of editing my own book and absolutely petrified of the marketing process if it ever gets to that point. I love the "big girl panties". I hope I own a pair! You're in my prayers!