Feeling frustrated on days like today.

Why is it when I am writing something it all seems to be the best thoughts and words I have. Then later when I go back and read it I feel as if I have let my readers down. Also why can I not find someone other than friends and family to read what I write? They are just happy to hear a story they are not going to be honest and tell me it's not worthy of being published. I get lazy if no one challenges me to write better.

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  • Pamela Kivi

    Try to look at it another way. Just as you enjoy the writing process, learn to enjoy the editing process and be okay with have several revisions. Most people who are not writers really do not know how to critique your writing. The most they can say is that they like it. It is good that you are getting positive feedback. I have had the privilege of a great mentor and a good writers group. It may not be easy to find but those folks are out there.