Bitten by the Writing Bug

Some bug must have bitten me...or maybe I'm going through a mid-life crisis. Nevertheless as I'm attempting to market and promote my very first novel I have the nerve to attempt to start thinking about putting out the next one. Who in their right minds thinks like this??? My husband just looked at me as if to say "Where did this woman come from and bring back my wife!" He's looking at the dollars and cents that I'm spending on this adventure in our vintage age and yet I can fix my mouth to say: "hey baby lets do it again." I have to laugh at myself and just keep moving in the direction that I'm heading. My poor brain needs a break and so I've decided to hold off on the new book until the end of the year and continue to create my brand with the book that's already living in the world. There is no sense in writing books that no one knows is there. Now I feel better just had to write it out so that it made sense. Thank God for She Writes and this room of my own.

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