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  • The House Within Series: The Foyer - Making an Entrance
The House Within Series: The Foyer - Making an Entrance
Written by
Suzi Minor
July 2013
Written by
Suzi Minor
July 2013

In a house, the entrance, or so called foyer, is the first access to our homes where we go to greet our guests. It can also be the most travelled area in our home that gives access to our constant coming and going contact with the world. Some entrances are grand open spaces adorned with luxurious artwork revealing a preview of what is to be expected beyond this initial interior impression, smaller entryways are more direct in their display of what gives immediate access to where the living takes place, kind of like what you see is what you get. Within each of us we have our own unique entryways, our own personal foyer, where we welcome and invite the world into that special space of who we are just beyond our exterior, it's in that place where we allow others to meet us by sharing a glimpse of what lies beyond our initial impression. Just like curb appeal, one external view leads to another, wanting a closer look behind the walls and doorways. Once inside, a warm and appealing entrance can draw us in eager to see more of the rest of the home. Our internal entry point works in a similar way, by inviting people into our greeting space hoping they want to step in further to see where our true living takes place, our heart. Often times our entry point can become too cluttered with emotional debris making it difficult for people to get beyond the welcome mat at the door of Hello. If our hearts remain guarded only allowing us to cautiously look through the peep hole of the bolted front door before we ever open ourselves up to the world, then we will remain unknown and locked inside our hearts and homes. Take a look at your entrance, does it reflect a true sense of the rest of your home or does it need a good sweeping away of hidden cobwebs and giving way to a fresh new look which represents more of who you are beyond it. Realize how this most transient area in your home can be most valuable by making this space a little more reflective of who you are revealing in your own special way that says come on in and welcome home.

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