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  • Book Publicity – an Effective Approach to earn Recognition
Book Publicity – an Effective Approach to earn Recognition
Written by
Alla Gibert
July 2013
Written by
Alla Gibert
July 2013

Every other author carves to have an explicit publicity of his book and earn wide recognition through his writings. If you work on writing on the topics that people wish to read about, you will always have a great fan following and audience. People always wish to know some things about some particular things or else how to deal with something in a better way. If you meet the audience expectations then definitely you will get great fan following and explicit recognition for your written book.

What is Book Publicity?

Your efforts and perseverance to raise your book profile in the view of your targeted audience are recognized as book publicity. You need to make explicit publicity of your book to elevate it as a must-buy book from being an unheard one. There exist several strategies to follow to make great publicity of your written work. Some of them are mentioned below.

Press Releases:

The press releases are known as official statements that are released to the newspapers for spreading information regarding a particular topic. To publicize your created book, develop and issue a press release that offers details about your book. It may get published as it is or lightly edited in the interest of the readers.

As a matter of fact, the press release tends to follow a standard format. It will be beneficial if you write a press release adhering to the standard format. You can easily get the templates of the same over the web.

Since several journalists prefer to depend on online sites for material, it is quite likely that your release will be picked up if it’s present on such sites. If you are writing a book on some current topic, then simply an announcement of it is enough. Or else you need to be innovative and offer some controversial view for your release to be picked up by the journalists.

Internet Marketing

The internet marketing has gained an immense importance, in the recent times. It includes email marketing, websites more specifically blogs and podcasts and others. You can even work on offering audio extracts, pdf documents and text of your written book, the videos of the exclusive content concerned with your book on your website and through emails. It is even advisable to develop an auto-responder email sequence to deliver the extract from your book as a stand-alone sequence or in a conjunction with your website.

Apart from this, it is even recommendable to advertise your book to your online list and acknowledge the joint ventures with those individuals, who are more likely to have your prospects on the list. Moreover, it is very easy to publish book extracts on your blog and the article directories.

You can even involve podcasts for greater publicity. Podcasts tend to be a complementary medium and you can podcast you webinar videos. You can even provide the extracts of your crucial recordings to the others present in your field. You may also have to tackle an interview by a podcast provider. All this will greatly enhance the publicity of your written book.

The Media Interviews

The media interviews too greatly contribute to enhance your book publicity. For the books with vast appeal the media tend to be a great platform for conveying your message to the masses. If you get some media coaching prior then you can have idea of the expected questions and can efficiently tackle the interview to reach your target audience effectively. The radio and the television tend to be the prominent means for broadcasting your explicit interview to reach a large number of people, worldwide.

The Social Media

The social media has gained an immense significance, in the recent times. Hence, the social media can be a very effective means to publicize your new book. You can create profiles on various social networking websites and promote your book in an explicit way. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ can prove to be highly beneficial for promotion of your written book. Now-a-days, people tend to access such sites on daily basis and hence you can get instant recognition by making use of the social media platform.

Social media is capable to create a buzz of your written book and can even offer it to other promotional channels for greater publicity of your book. Developing a WordPress blog that is dedicated to advertise your book can be regarded as an effective option. You can easily post short videos, the blog entries and audios on it for better publicity of your book.

The Book Exhibitions

The biggest benefit of showcasing your book in the book exhibitions is that the people attending the exhibitions particularly contribute to promote and increase the publicity of your book. Even though all the people attending the exhibitions will not be the target audience but some of them can be good recommenders of your book. You need to look for the recommenders that tend to be relevant to your target market and the niche of your book. Invest efforts to acquire the list of the exhibitors well in advance and make a point to talk to those organizations for promoting your book. Also, make a point to have a stock of business cards with you when you will be going to the book fairs.

Displaying your book in global book fairs can prove useful for increasing your book publicity to a larger extent. Frankfurt book fair, BookExpo America and Beijing International book fair are some of the popular book exhibitions that are held at international level. They tend to showcase your book to crucial elements of the publishing industry and offer your writings an international publicity. Publishers, editors, new reporters and many people from various countries make a point to visit such global book events and capture new books that are presented in the events. You can view title and image of your book on front page of many magazines and newspapers when your book is exhibited in various international book exhibitions. Such book events are dedicated to offer any author an explicit publicity by making use of the modern technology for displaying the books in the events.

By using all these strategies, you can effectively promote your book and gain immense publicity as an author in hardly any time.

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