How I'm Finding Time to Write: Part 5
Written by
Yuwanda Black
July 2013
Written by
Yuwanda Black
July 2013

In the last post in the “Finding Time to Write” series on July 3rd, I worked late in order to log my writing time. I was supposed to get up early on July 4th (a holiday in the states) to get some writing done – even though holidays and weekends are not normally slotted as working days for me. Following is how my writing has gone since my last post.

Thur, July 4th: Did not write: Ohhhh, it’s not looking good, right? I had friends come in from out of town for the holiday and we “partied like it was 1999”, even though we are all at that age where rocking chairs, instead of rock music, should be top of mind. But hey, c’est la vie, no?

Anyhoo, I pulled it together and got back on track for a day, ie:

Tuesday July 9th: Wrote for 1 hour 15 minutes and

Fri, July 5th: Did not write

Monday July 8th: did not write


I started this ‘challenge’ on June 25th, challenging myself to write at least a half hour per day for 30 days (M-F; no weekends or holidays). Here’s how I’ve fared since then (June 25th to July 10th).

Tuesday, June 25th: 30 minutes of writing.

Wednesday, June 26th: Did not write at all.

Thursday, June 27th: Did not write at all.

Friday, June 28th: Did not write at all.
Monday, July 1st: I managed to get in 40 minutes

Tuesday, July 2nd: Did not write at all.

Wednesday, July 3rd: Wrote for an hour

Thur, July 4th: Did not write

Fri, July 5th: Did not write

Monday July 8th: did not write

Tuesday July 9th: 1 hour, 15 min

Wednesday July 10th: did not write

Thursday July 11th: 2 hours minutes.

Friday July 12th: 2 hours

Bottom Line on Finding Time to Write

 While I’m missing a lot of days, holding my feet to the fire with this public “finding time to write” series keeps me on track to make up the time I missed.

Even though I have jury duty starting tomorrow, I spent all weekend completing client projects and scheduling a week’s worth of blog posts so I’ll be able to be on track – writing every day starting tomorrow.

How’s your writing going?


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