My First Love Story :)
Written by
July 2013
Written by
July 2013

Once upon a time there lived a young girl (me) at the age of twenty, met a young man named "John." (Wont give you his real name). 

They met after each of them had just gone through a terrible break up with their ex's. John helped this young lady a lot when they began talking. This young lady's name was Emmaline. Emmaline loved having John as a friend to talk too. She was not shy to talk to men. 

John enjoyed talking with her as well, this went on for almost a year. They talked for hours into the night. They made each other feel better. Emmaline didn't feel like it was a rebound. Though some of her friends thoought it was. 

John got up at work at 5:30 a.m. He had to work for eight to ten hours a day. Emmaline's texts made him smile. 

Emmaline got up early just to text him hello. She didn't realize she was falling in love. 

In 2011, that summer, they talked all the time. They would come up with nicknames to call each other, Emmaline even called John "baby" every once and while. Emmaline eventually met John's cousin's at a park. 

It was great, until one moment, when John texted his cousin. The cousin asked him, "Is she the one?" John replied, outloud, "No." Emmaline stopped in her tracks. She didn't no wether to cry or run. 

She just stood there in shock. She was mad and angry. Everything went downhill from there. Later on John got annoyed with Emmaline's attitude and didn't realize she was very much in love with him. But apparantly John just saw her as a girl to talk too. 

Emmaline saw him as a rescuer from her troubles, and a handsome and very sexy man. But she had no hope to return love from him. She decided to come up with a devious plan to get back at this jerk who didn't realize she was the one. 

She heard rumors John liked anothe girl. And was about to have sexual moments with her soon. Emmaline thought it was the right time to get back at him. She decided to message John's mother on facebook, and say that John was getting unepectadely married to this girl. His mother was shocked. John got so mad that he threatened to talk to Emmaline's parents to never text him again. He actually acted on this and told them. Emmaline was furious. 

She ended up not talking to him for six months straight. John would never knew how much Emmaline loved him. 

She wished and wished for another chance. Being his friend again would be better then nothing. They talked one more time but he yelled at her to leave him alone. Emmaline lost her first love. She swore to herself she would never fall in love again. 

The End. 

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