Celebrity Style At The Grammy's

The Grammys may be music's biggest night, but celebrities from all segments of the entertainment world join in on the fun. Check out these five ways that celebrities can show their own personal style at the Grammy Awards.

1. Bring the Funk
Rock stars and musicians aren't known for being the most conservative crowd, so it's no surprise that their biggest awards ceremony follows suit. The Grammy's are not as straight laced as other awards shows, giving celebrities more of a chance to show off their personal style. It also gives them a chance to get a little funky and to play with the fun side of fashion. Dresses that would be slammed at the Oscars become hits at the Grammy's, thanks to the more relaxed atmosphere.

2. Play Dress Up
A-list celebrities and those up for awards are often given dresses and tuxes to wear for awards shows, including the Grammy's. They may even get to select between a list of designers who want them to wear their designs. Sometimes the dresses have been designed specifically for the wearer, and for the event. A custom fitting is always used, and alterations are made so the dress fits perfectly. At the Grammy's, it's not just classic black tuxedos for men, either. From designer jeans and sports coats to outrageously colored suits, there is a wide variety of styles on display at the Grammy's for both sexes.

3. Show Off Rockstar Hair and Makeup
Right now, 1980's styles have returned to fashion, and that includes big hair and bold colors. While this look wouldn't fly at many Hollywood award shows, bright makeup, glittery eye shadow and hair accessories such as feathers and large bows are the norm at the Grammy's.

4. Rock Statement Jewelry
Like fashion designers, jewelry designers and high-profile jewelers offer their wares for rental and for complementary loan for stars attending the Grammy Awards. Some of these pieces can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and feature diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other precious gemstones. Even a simple dress, when paired with a statement jewelry piece, can steal the show on the red carpet.

5. Arrive in Style
When it comes time to actually head to the Grammy's, celebrities can also make a statement by how they arrive to the red carpet. Like most awards shows, most celebrities will choose to take a limo the the Grammy Awards. Those who chose not to go the traditional limo route usually still hire a car and driver. In this case, either a luxury vehicle or a vintage ride will provide them with a way to step onto the red carpet in style. There have been some cases when a celebrity chose to arrive in a high-performance sports car or their own personal vehicle. This is rare, though.

The Grammy Awards give Hollywood and the music industry a chance to try out fashion statements that would not be accepted at any other awards ceremony. Many celebrities from the worlds of music, television and movies come together to celebrate these awards, with each dressed in a way to celebrate his or her own unique style. This is true of both the awards ceremony itself and the world-renowned after parties.

About the author:

Jennifer Caughey is a freelance content writer who lives in Toronto, Canada. Jennifer has most recently been writing guest posts for Echo Limousine.

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