The Woes of publishing my First Book

As I walk down this road of being a published author I'm still not sure of what I'm doing. I have never had so many emotions in my life. I just want this process to go at top speed. I want the world to read and love my labor of love and to be able to make money from this work. After writing this even my eyes and ears seem foolish. 

Where is the love, fame and fortune?...I have to laugh and keep encouraging myself that this is my life's work and gift and I cannot look at this project in terms of money and fame. While that would be nice it's not the only thing. I have to develop a different outlook on this part of my being. So now I'm seeking wise counsel from all of my fellow writers. 

I have asked other people and they have told me that I'm whining like a baby and not looking at the good that is right before my eyes. That's not true...I am grateful for this phase of my life. I have done something that I never thought I would do and to say so myself I think the work is great. I am putting the time in promoting the project and I feel that even after only two short months I can get a little discourage. 

I was told to quit my whining and get on with my life. This I will do and I will fall down and pick myself back up and still keep promoting and writing. However as I'm doing now I must vent and if nobody reads this but me then I've done what I needed to do to make it to the next level. So thank you all for allowing me a place where I can go and yell about my need to write but what I really need is for someone other than myself to promote....ha,ha,ha. 

Oh well back to the drawing board...I will pull up my big girl pants and just "Do It"!!!

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