Wonder Woman's Accessories and Benefits.
Written by
Pamela Kivi
July 2013
Written by
Pamela Kivi
July 2013

It is almost impossible these days to be Wonder Woman, at least that's what I've found. If the wish were granted I'd settle for just a few of Wonder Woman's accessories; just a sampling of her super heroine benefits. It would be convenient at moments to have at hand Wonder Woman's dandy lasso that's known for it's ability to gently force truth out of its captives. What more could a woman, wonder or otherwise, desire but honesty and authenticity in her relationships. 

It would be convenient at times to have Wonder Woman's fashionably smart bullet-deflecting bracelets which would work just as well on lead as on words that pierce the heart. For a woman can never guard too diligently her super heroine power of intuition. That must be kept intact and used for the good of society for Wonder Woman is the only super hero to have that super-heightened ability for it is allotted only to her gender.

It would be outrageously luxurious, I confess, to have Wonder Woman's invisible airplane. What woman would not want the ability to travel anywhere without any hassles or without anyone knowing exactly where she's going? Every woman desires some freedom, a little adventure and quite frankly a little introvert time. Every Wonder Woman needs to make a quick trip to Paris to select a small but decadent dessert which she deserves for keeping her sphere of the world safe from evil. She can absolutely be trusted to dutifully travel back to the States - for her designer-ware dictates her mission - and back to her supposed real life as Diana Prince or Mary Smith or Jane Doe. Others, including Wonder Woman's love interest, may view her life as quite ordinary and lacking in true adventure but little do they know. 

It would only be right and noble to be worthy, as wonder woman most certainly is, of spending quality time with Steve Trevor. Every woman deserves her own man to join her on the side of good and admire her for her strengths and beauty. 

Those are my simple requests and I don't consider myself all that demanding. Should I graciously be granted them without having to go through all the bother of winning the Amazon Olympics, as wonder woman did, I assure you I will use them wisely and for the good of both man and womankind.

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