Developing Writer's Identity
Written by
Alonna Shaw
June 2013
Written by
Alonna Shaw
June 2013

I wonder how people find their writer's identity. Which isn't just a slick brand, but something innate that fuels their creativity.

In my most recent travel piece I gave myself an identity. Trekker. That's me for sure. Life has been and continues to be an exploration. I'm always going off trying something new, getting lost, discovering... By the way, getting lost has always been my secret to understanding a new place. Sometimes a bit of panic creeps in. So far so good--even considering the time I got lost in the mountains.

Back to identity. Location has always shaped my life. The pursuit of new locales. New people, places, experiences. Put these two pieces together and I became the Tahoe Trekker. Understanding who I am at the core informs my overall writing identity. Identity is the thing that gets spun to create brand. So my brand is developing into one who transforms through personal quest.  

Here's my travel piece if you want to take a look. Tahoe Trekker: Gangster Paddling

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