I Love My Life

It's time, once again, to use Wednesday's Words, graciously supplied by my good friend, Delores from The Feathered Nest.

This week's words?
graduate, fancy, ruler, swinging, penchant, flag
Today, I feel like poetry . . .

Sometimes I like to speculate
My penchant to be all things great . . .
Ruler sitting there in state,
My food served on expensive plate.
To nod as people remonstrate,
And wave as children graduate.
Have fancy clothes to duplicate,
And flags that wave as people wait . . .
But such is not to be my fate.
I have no life to complicate,
No strangers to accommodate.
Instead, I can collaborate
With those whom I proliferate.
And so, if I hallucinate,
While swinging on a rusty gate,
With kids in age from one to eight,
Please know, I LOVE MY LIFE. IT'S GREAT!

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