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  • How to Find Time to Write: 2 Quick Tips I'm Implementing -- Starting Today
How to Find Time to Write: 2 Quick Tips I'm Implementing -- Starting Today
Written by
Yuwanda Black
June 2013
Written by
Yuwanda Black
June 2013

In 2011, I self-published 50 ebooks on Amazon. Over 30 of those were new titles that I wrote (the rest were existing titles that I either updated and/or simply uploaded). This meant that I was writing a new ebook every other week or so.

Nowadays, it's seems I can't finish one book in 3 months. Finding time to write has been a big problem because I have so much on my plate, eg, writing for clients, writing on my own projects, marketing existing titles, social media (a big time suck), guest blogging, publishing two to three newsletters weekly, etc.

In short, my days are full!

One of my writing goals this year was to finish 12 ebooks. Half the year is almost gone and I've only finished three, so I have some making up to do. Knowing that the year is getting away from me, following is how I'm going to find time to write the rest of this year.

(I) Recognize My "Time Sucks:" What I mean by this is, figure out what's taking up time - time that could be better used other places. For me, this is social media. For years, I wasn't on the social media bandwagon. I felt like I got left behind, so the last year or so I've made a concerted effort to beef up my presences in on social media.

I went from interacting maybe a few times per week on Twitter, to interacting daily on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (I also have Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts, but I've yet to pin anything and I'm on LinkedIn once every few months at most).


Now that I have more traction via these mediums, I'm going to become more strategic about how I interact on social media. Instead of staying logged into these accounts all day every day, my plan moving forward will be to get up, respond to as those who've reached out to me, auto-schedule some tweets/posts to go out, then log off until day's end.

If I stay logged in, I find that I get sucked in -- responding to those who reach out to me, reading links forwarded by others, and retweeting/forwarding them on. Before I know it, a couple of hours have passed. Cutting back to logging in twice per day will help a lot (a simple change, I know, but an effective one).


(II) Schedule a Half-Hour to Write: I like to write in chunks of time, eg, three hours, four hours, etc. If I don't have this, usually I'll put it off, telling myself something along the lines of, "Well, I'll finish up this project and tomorrow I can write all day."

Well, that practically never happens. So what I'm going to start doing is committing to a half hour of writing per day. This will serve two purposes: (a) I'll be assured of writing every day; and (b) I know that some of these half-hour writing sessions will turn into two or three hour sessions. No more putting it off waiting until I can get "chunks" of writing time.

Mountains are dissolved by tiny drips of water -- so I'm going to start "drip writing" (hmmmm, wonder if that phrase is trademarked?) -- TODAY.

So that's my plan moving forward -- starting today. I'll report back in a month or so to let you know how it's going.

How do you find time to write? 


P.S.: Learn How to Write Fast!


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  • Yuwanda Black

    Congrats Charmaine on your new book. And yeah, 50 is a lot -- but writers write, no? :-)

  • Charmaine Galloway

    Wow you are busy 50 books!! Thanks great! I am a new author my second book will be out July 15