Catholicism, Paranormalcy, and the Tension of Hierarchy
Written by
Lacey Louwagie
June 2013
Written by
Lacey Louwagie
June 2013

My latest post is up on Young Adult Catholics, where Catholicism rubs up against the paranormal, and I reflect on the jumble of beliefs and experiences that make up my faith.

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  • Julie Cordova

    Hi Lacey - I enjoyed your post, I don't normally comment about religion but your last statement intrigued me. The "better way" you are looking for is really quite simple - just ask.

    Every year (around Christmas time) our church hands out house blessing kits that include holy water, chalk, a symbolic gold coin, incense, and myrrh and a handout to read a particular blessing. The kit encourages us to take the kit and bless the homes of our neighbors and the elderly or shut ins. (I confess I haven't done it, but we are invited to do it). Catholicism is all about rituals, this is true, but even if you didn't have a kit or the correct prayers, blessing your house can be done with or without the Priest.

    The church tells us that we are all God's children, Priest's are teachers - and teacher's love to teach. So when you have questions about what you can and cannot do, just ask. The more you ask the more you'll realize that the church isn't as rigid and scary as you might think.

    I agree that every Priest is different because every person is different. It is okay to visit different churches and spend a few minutes getting to know the Priests. When you find one that you believe is easy to talk to, schedule a meeting with him, take him to lunch or dinner. Remember, Priests are people too.

    At lunch or at dinner, just get to know him, talk to him about movies, books, whatever. After a while you'll feel comfortable enough to ask the questions you want to ask.