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Mystery, fantasy, short stories, giveaways & more in KRL
Written by
Lorie Ham
June 2013
Written by
Lorie Ham
June 2013

Up this morning in Kings River Life Magazine a review & giveaway of Carolyn Hart's latest Death On Demand Mystery "Dead, White and Blue" and a fun interview with Carolyn about the series http://kingsriverlife.com/06/22/dead-white-and-blue-a-death-on-demand-mystery-by-carolyn-hart/


Also this morning a review and giveaway of "Gray Dawn", the latest mystery from Clea Simon http://kingsriverlife.com/06/22/grey-dawn-by-clea-simon/


For more summer reading fun- we have reviews & giveaways of 4 fun Oak Tree Press mysteries- "Pope’s Last Case…and other stories" by Michael A. Black, "The V V Agency" by Mike Befeler, "The Dead Don’t Forget" by Robert Weibezahl, and

"Sooner Than Gold: The Perils of Beauty" by  J.R. Lindermuth http://kingsriverlife.com/06/22/four-oak-tree-mysteries-for-your-summer-reading/


Also we have a never before published mystery short story by Lois Hendricks http://kingsriverlife.com/06/22/the-balcony-beyond-a-mystery-short-story/


And a review of the new mystery TV series "Motive" http://kingsriverlife.com/06/22/motive-tell-me-why-nice-try-tv-review/


And for our fantasy/sci-fi twist this week we have a review & giveaway of "Gameboard of the Gods" by Richelle Mead http://kingsriverlife.blogspot.com/2013/06/gameboard-of-gods-age-of-x-by-richelle.html

Happy reading,

Lorie Ham

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