We All Write...
Written by
Jody Gore
June 2013
Written by
Jody Gore
June 2013

I went to lunch today with a friend that just a short time ago owned an independent bookstore. Our businesses were adjacent to each other as I helped manage a non-profit art gallery. I always knew her to be an avid reader and grammar was important to her. With that combination of ready skills putting finger to keyboard is just a step away, I often mused.And sure enough. She confessed today that she was a Ghost Writer for an author that did not care to be named. Awesome! When I opened my Facebook Page this morning I had received a letter that my 'old' critique partner was looking to begin another ebook and did I want to be a part of the critique team she was creating. I am not sure what a critique team is, but it appears we all are writing these days. I'm in!

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