An Unexpected Gift

An Unexpected Gift


An unexpected gift was given to me this day

And, at that very moment, I had no words to say.

I did not know this man, but he knew of me

all the ugliness within, just wanted to grieve.

He looked at my hand, which held a bottle of pills

Realizing my pain was very real

He said, “Do not do this!” With a plea

“You do not have to live in this monstrosity”

“What choice do I have? My path has been drawn.

There are not enough rights to correct my wrongs.”

And with his tears and a drop of his blood

He marked my brow with a cross, hands covered in mud.

“I have brought you a gift; you are freed from your sins

 The King had paid your debt and for so many men.

As I lowered my head with no feeling of grief

I looked back up again in disbelief.

An angel now appeared where the man had once stood.

He shimmered in gold, his face now covered with a hood.

“You have been given an unexpected gift of life

The Christ King above knew of your torment and strife.

He heard your prayers and cries throughout the nights.

He told me to deliver this child who was so full of fright.”

 I have released you from your agony through my Lord’s name

Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, in Heaven he reigns.

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