She Writes Press Author on the Airwaves: Some Encouragement and a Shameless Plug
I'm writing this as both a shameless plug and some  encouragement to my fellow newbie (and soon to be newbie) authors her on She Writes.
Encouragement 1: My debut novel, Fire  & Water, was released by She Writes Press in March. It's a suspense-filled story of passion, art, and madness that shows that love is always a matter of life and death. (OK, that was a little shameless plug-ish, but honestly, encouragement is coming.)
It's been so fun to have not only people I know and love read the book, but to find out that the story is reaching total strangers.  Some of these no-longer-strangers have been kind enough to contact me and to let me know that my fictional story rang deeply true for them, touched them, or reminded them of loved ones so similar to my characters that it's almost eerie.  They've shared their stories of troubled loved ones, of loss, and of love. There are lots of reasons to write, but it seems the me that the most fundamental is that we writers have some deep craving to communicate something from deep within ourselves and to be understood.  This has been a rich experience, indeed and makes every minute, hour, year of writing worth it.  Truly.  
Encouragement 2: Like lots of indie authors, I didn't have a giant pile of money around to spend on publicists and book marketers.  I've been guest blogging, Tweeting, posting, and generally doing all of the free stuff that an author can do to promote her book...without being obnoxious.  I've tried a bunch of things, not sure of what will pay off.  It's scary for us naturally introverted writers to switch from writing mode to book marketing mode. Terrifying, even. But I feel that my book deserves my effort. I've used my small budget to hire people to help me with the tech issues I didn't understand and to attend trainings to learn some things I didn't know how to do, but could with a little help. .  
Acting as my own publicist isn't always easy, and sometimes I find I'm intimidated.  But I got brave a few weeks ago and organized a mailing day.  I assembled a handful of press packets and sent preview copies of my book, my press release, and a personally written note in each to several media outlets. In each letter, I wrote not only about my book, but suggested other topics that might be relevant to each of their audiences, related to the book, and about which I feel qualified to converse. I made it personal.  That's the only way I could feel okay about it, frankly. 
The Shameless Plug: Well...I got a bite.  I'll be appearing on Sacramento's NPR affiliate, Capital public radio on Insight hosted by Beth Ruyak.  (See below for the details).  This felt like such a coup! I wanted not only to announce it for the promotional aspects, but to let others of you, who might have similar budget limitations know that you can do some of your own promotions and save your budget for the things you can't do yourself. Who knows,  maybe I'll get a big enough bump in book sales to hire a publicist!  Can you say "ironic"?
The Details: 
Date: Monday, June 10
Time: Live show 10-11am PST.  Re-air 8-9pm.  Available by podcast on the website after that.  
Topic: Fire & Water
Host: Beth Ruyak
On the dial: 90.9 FM KXJZ Sacramento; 90.5 FM KKTO Tahoe City/Reno; 91.3 FM KUOP Stockton/Modesto; 88.1 FM KQNC Quincy


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