The Maker of Faces Puppeteer

Born on the 10th day of June, it was the perfect summer day, the kind of day that lemonade stands make their biggest profits, and balloon fights are a must-have in the smaller neighborhoods and grandparent’s houses are bursting at the seams with their children and grandchildren, all catching up for lost time. This was the day that the Maker of Faces Puppeteer was born, and it was perhaps the last perfect day of her life.
Her parents named her Phoebe after some dead relative that nobody really liked or remembered. Her parent’s names and occupations are unimportant, all that you need to know is that her father was a drunk and her mother was chronically depressed, these two things greatly affected Phoebe’s childhood, as it would anybody else’s. Details into Phoebe’s childhood, while interestingly horrific are very typical and can be found in practically any dysfunctional family. The belt beatings, the being locked and forgotten in closets, the drunken arguments, were all standard features in Phoebe’s life.
One day which turned out to be very significant was when Phoebe’s sixth grade class went on a school fieldtrip. They went to a theatre in which the students were entertained by two puppet shows. One had many, many different types of puppets were used, some from Asian culture, others were of Germany and of French making, and one had been fashioned together by the puppeteers themselves for that very show. Many of her classmates frond this show “boring” and lacking “spunk”, they would have liked it better if the story had been done by real people and not puppets, because the puppets made the fight scene “lame”. Phoebe however, was deeply fascinated by the show. The second puppet show was of Rip Van Winkle, and in this, gigantic puppets were used. These puppets were so large the performers actually had to wear the puppets on them, kind of like the characters in Disneyland, but these puppets were huge, most of them stood over seven feet tall. This was so incredible that even Phoebe’s classmates were left in an awestruck silence throughout the show. Phoebe was impressed, but while there was much to be said about the actors stamina and skill, much of what the puppets didn’t seem to be as controlled as those from the first show with the smaller puppets.
Phoebe had decided before she left the theatre that she had picked her life career: she was going to become a puppeteer. While Phoebe didn’t know it then and maybe still wouldn’t be able to express it clearly now, but what appealed to her most that day was the control the puppeteers had over their puppets. In her tumultuous life, Phoebe didn’t seem to have much control of anything. Being a puppeteer was a way for her to be completely and totally in control of something, albeit an inanimate object, but if she did it well enough, she could give that object a life of its own, and with her in charge, she would be sure it was a good one. The most beautiful part was, if Phoebe messed up, no one got hurt, but she wouldn’t mess up, she wouldn’t allow herself to…

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