Prince Charming Finds His Dream Girl
Written by
Renate Stendhal
June 2013
Written by
Renate Stendhal
June 2013

If you, too, can't resist fairytales, I would like to share some thoughts on Cinderella  (online at Scene4 Magazine).


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One look at women’s feet on the sidewalk, or, if that’s too far down, at any shoe store, and you know Cinderella is alive and well -- as much today as she was once upon a time. If you care to google the girl, you’ll learn that similar foot-fetish stories have been going around the globe for thousands of years, from Egypt and China via Vietnam to 18th century France (Perrault’s version) and 19th century Germany (the Brothers Grimm). The cruel German fairytale is only topped in Korea, where the evil stepsisters are boiled and served to their charming mother: bon appetit to this happy ending.
Apart from being the heroine of a dozen operas and, from the 1950ies onward, a dozen movies (Disney and Rodger and Hammerstein leading the way), Cinderella has also been a ballet favorite. Look at those pink ballet slippers with their evocative shape and you know why.
Having been a dancer myself once upon a time, I can’t resist the temptation of combining a look at SF Ballet’s new Cinderella with a post-modern audiovisual narrative that will remind non-German readers of the bloody roots that remain well hidden in all the existing versions of the story. This hidden subtext ought to give one pause when ballet attempts to serve up a “new” Cinderella today. (Read on at

If you, too, can't resist to look behind the veil of the tale, come over an LIKE my YouTube video that tells the beastly story of how Prince Charming Finds His Dream Girl.

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