Milestones are one part smile and two parts arrhythmia. The smile part is the thumbs-up sense of satisfaction and achievement that starts in your heart and connects to the corners of your lips, tugging them up toward your eyebrows.

The palpitations bubble up from your gut and release muscle tensing anxiety that connects with your eyes to produce that deer-in-headlights look when the voices start. You know, the head voice that tells you "Enjoy this moment sister because your world is going to change...or not."

Whichever way it goes, whether the book goes viral or gives a couple of polite coughs and succumbs to the antibodies of ineffective marketing and weak sales, taking time to celebrate the milestones is an important part of the process.   

I reached a milestone this week. HopeSprings Books has announced a holiday release date of December 3, 2013 for The Sheep Walker. Pre-orders may be placed on my Amazon author page.

When I got the email that my publication date had been moved up, I took a day off writing for a dinner and a movie date with my pit crew--my husband who keeps me from hitting the wall.

How do you celebrate your milestones?


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