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  • Guide to Find a Suitable Publisher for Your Book
Guide to Find a Suitable Publisher for Your Book
Written by
Aiesha Wells
June 2013
Written by
Aiesha Wells
June 2013

Are you struggling to find a publisher for your new book? If yes, but you aren’t sure about the whole process, these are the guiding steps that will help you find the right publisher for your book.

  1. Impactful Manuscript: Whether you have a book agent to represent you or you are sending the manuscript yourself, make sure it is written well, presented well, and is able to catch the attention of book publishers. Carefully edit your manuscript; it should be free from spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and typo errors. Perfect editing is found desirable by publishers; you stand a higher chance of your work getting accepted if it is error-free and of the highest quality.
  2. Do not Send Unsolicited Manuscripts: Publishers are not open to accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Make sure you complete the whole process and not skip a step to get to the publisher; else your hard work is going to go down the drain. It’s highly likely that your manuscript could find its way into the trash bin after lying unattended for a long time on the publisher’s desk. Moreover, rejection will dampen your spirits if you are a new author. Unsolicited manuscripts are at times, returned unopened.
  3. Target Relevant Publishers: Sending manuscripts randomly to publishers and thinking they will be selected is a grave mistake. Pick the right publisher for your category. For instance, if you are writing a children’s book, make sure you research well into the fact which publishers focus on children’s books. Targeting is important and saves a lot of your time.
  4. Online Search: Go online and refer to global publisher databases. You will definitely find the publisher of your choice as per location, genre, and those accepting work of new/experienced authors. Research thoroughly into what kind of work a publisher accepts and appreciates; be specific with targeting publishers. Don’t irritate them with the kind of work they will never like or want to publish. Know their pulse and act accordingly. Online databases are great as they have a lot of information; so you will never get disappointed and end up finding the author that suits your publishing needs the most. With contact details like address, phone nos., and email IDs provided, you could easily reach out to them to pitch your work.
  5. Have Your Book Listed Online: Though publishers are widely sought by book authors and agents, it could be the other way round too. Have your book title placed in online databases. In order to find books on online databases, they could come to you and ask for publishing your work. Keep all doors open for yourself; you never know when and where the publishing opportunity strikes your door. If you are a new author, don’t be fussy about finding the best, biggest, or the most reputed publisher. Accept publishers who are looking for new authors; you may not find a way with popular publishers so soon. If you are a novice in book writing, target small publishers as your chances of manuscript acceptance are much greater.
  6. Have Patience: Don’t expect a publisher to accept your work as soon as possible and give you a call of good news. Most manuscripts take 2-6 months for the publisher to be read and accepted. They have hundreds of copies flooding their tables daily. However, do not wait for one or two selected publishers to contact you so that you can go ahead with your other plans. It’s possible they may not like your work so won’t respond, so always have a back-up plan in place.
  7. Paper and Electronic Submission: Don’t restrain your manuscript submission to just one mode. Go for both hard copy and digital manuscript submission online. The quickest way to get noticed is to be all over the place frequently.
  8. Hire a Literary Agent: Though you could do it yourself, it is best to hire a book agent to represent you and act as a middleman between you and the publisher. They are professional and know how to render their duties well. While delegating the task to the agent, you could concentrate on your core activity of book writing.

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