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When I started She Writes with Deborah Siegel almost four years ago, we had some pretty grand plans. I hoped to raise venture capital to build a publishing platform for writers that would be what Flickr is to photographers, or what Etsy is to the makers of handicrafts. (Someday I may still try to do that.) We offered you, our members, services like webinars and editorial help--two things you can now find at She Writes Press--and I invested more hours, and more of my personal resources, than I like to think about sometimes on developing those businesses. But when things didn't go exactly as planned (do they ever?) and Deborah had to move on, I had to decide whether I wanted to continue concentrating all my efforts on making She Writes into a business, or return to my writing. It was a tough decision, but in the end, I thought about it this way: If I got hit by a bus tomorrow, would the major regret of my life be that I hadn't created a successful business? Or would it be that I had never written another book?

To my bones, I knew it would be the latter.

So for the last year and a half I've been working on my first novel, and, much to my delight, collaborating with the incredibly talented Brooke Warner (who also happens to be a terrific businesswoman) on the foundation of She Writes Press. But in that time there has not been a source of income to support the basic costs of sustaining our community here at She Writes--which include fees paid to Ning, the platform that hosts our network, and our blog editor, Krissa Lagos, with whom many of you have worked. So it is time to take a sensible and modest step toward covering those costs: we are going to start running one ad (though only if there's an ad we like, from a source we trust) in each of the biweekly emails we send.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a member and get our newsletter, you will be seeing an ad for a conference, writing workshop, event, book, or other writing-related product or opportunity in each blast. If you are a member and have any of the aforesaid things YOU would like to advertise, please let us know! As a member of She Writes, you will get a discount on our published rates, and the super-fantastic opportunity (never before available in the history of this site) to reach our 20,000+ members with your offer or promotion. For more information on how to advertise, click here.  And please, feel free to spread the word!  

Good for us, good for you. :)

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  • I appreciate the supportive comments, too. There's a lot of goodness to share with our community and we're excited about the new developments.

  • Thank you so much for your support -- I love hearing from such long-time members, and knowing that you guys get it, and are behind it.  It will definitely be good for She Writes.

  • Karyne Corum

    Kamy, I think it's a wonderful and highly timely move. You have done so much for so many writers that being able to support it financially is absolutely understandable and necessary.  Doesnt' bother me at all to see ads in my newsletter, don't be shy to stop at one or two or three. Ads are part of our life and how else would we find out about great opportunities? I'd just keep away from the viagra ones if I were you....;-)

  • Zetta Brown

    Hi Kamy!

    I ain't mad at 'cha! I'm not surprised nor do I blame your wanting and needing to generate revenue from She Writes.

    Count me in! We'll be contacting you soon. :)

  • Renate Stendhal

    Kamy, this makes a lot of sense -- and more than that, it is another great idea on how to provide support for each other in this ever-growing women's community of writers. It's all a give and take and I am happy to know we can give something back to you for your incredible efforts and inspiration. I feel I am learning -- it seems most writers I know are learning -- to face the business side of writing, and She Writes just added another example to the many, many lessons you have shared with us and allowed us to share. 

  • Lucinda Cross

    me me meeeee meee I would like to put out an ad for m She Writes sisters....I have something exciting to share.