Friend or Foe

Keep your friends close and your enemies’ closer…

My husband and I had the chance to witness the most unusual relationship the other evening. I had noticed a bug, a black hornet to be exact, caught in the web of a spider. It thrashed about, aiming its stinger at a spider while constantly trying to keep the spider a bay. It was evident that it did not wish to become the main dish for the evening. What I had not managed to see, was that there was another spider that had entered from another angle of the web. It had managed to sneak in from behind and had pounced on the hornet’s head. It hung on to that hornet like a cowboy on a bronking horse.
The first spider had managed to stay just far enough from the hornet’s stinger, constantly keeping the hornet’s attention, while the other spider had injected its poison into the body of the black hornet. Once paralysis began to set in, both spiders worked together and spun their dinner into a fine silken cocoon. Two spiders in one web, both carnivorous, and both would be willing to eat each other on any other given day. However, they were willing to set aside their innate nature to achieve an ultimate goal, survival.
We may have people that we do not care for in our lives or particular like to have around at all. But, as the two spiders demonstrated, working together and putting away differences can increase our possibilities of success if we work together.

Let's be friends

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