Top EBook Tips for the Easygoing Author
Written by
Aiesha Wells
May 2013
Written by
Aiesha Wells
May 2013

If you are a novice in the book industry, and if this is your first novel or a first professional attempt to write a book, you may not have the right contacts or a valuable network to help your book get through the various parties to be finally published. Publishers are too busy to look at the creation of a new author. And if your book is an average one, they may not select it. But, this doesn’t mean that average books cannot be published.

If your book is not an excellent piece but has the potential to trigger a new thought process in people or bring about a transformation of sorts, you can become a popular author. And if popularity isn’t your goal at this time, but all you need is a bit of visibility and some sales, then choosing the online mode of book marketing is an easy and shorter way out.

Online book publishing in the form of EBooks has gained much popularity amongst the author population. However, creating an eBook doesn’t give you a ticket to success. Your book must be marketed through the right avenues for it to be read by a large number of readers.

  1. Be Apt with Technicalities - Print your book online in an easily downloadable and readable form. Large, bold, easy-to-read, and pleasant font makes people read your book comfortably making them reach out for your e-copy more often than the physical books. Using a font that strains the eye is a turn-off, reducing your chances of grabbing potential readers.
  2. Market through the Max Online Stores – If online marketing is the only means you are using to publish your book, make sure you don’t restrain it to just one online book store. Reach out to as many popular online retailers as possible. Never miss out on Amazon.
  3. Place a Word about Your EBook on Social Media – Have your eBook promoted through social media like Facebook and Twitter and see the magic happen. The word about your book will spread faster through these channels than any other.
  4. Design an Eye-catching Cover Page for Your EBook - This will surely get you more buyers than just a plain page with the book title. You have to impress people with less material and in less time.
  5. Post Online Reviews - Have your book reviewed, and post these reviews online so that people know this book is worth reading. If they think others are reading it, they have to read it too.

For the author who is not well-acquainted with the book industry, EBook is a smart way to begin. It is easier and simpler than the physical process of book publishing. And if you are an easygoing person who likes to avoid hassles of any kind and would rather put your energy to more creative purposes (like your next book), online book publishing (EBook) is the perfect way of book marketing.

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