Published a chapbook anthology
Written by
Tantra Bensko
May 2013
Written by
Tantra Bensko
May 2013

My LucidPlay Publishing put out a free-to-read e-book called Word Swell which is also available in print, full color throughout. It has imagery from 3 International artists, and fiction and poetry by several reputable authors such as Bill Yarrow, John Olson and Rhys Hughes. While I've put out various e-chapbooks, this is the first one including print. Two others are in the works for print only.

The writing is Innovative Literary, word-driven, one of them being a found poem from a medical book describing ways people with sexual madness were given to cope. The artists live in South Korea, Bosnia, and the UK. I'm honored by these people allowing me to present their work to a larger audience.

LucidPlay Publishing isn't open currently for submissions again, but will later. The Facebook page for it is a good way for people to know when it will, and to see interesting things  by the contributors to that and the other LucidPlay books. The process of making this book was expensive, but I'm glad to be able to gift to to the contributors. Reviewers can let me know of your interest.

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