The Voices Never Stopped

I'm planning on publishing a portion of my memoir electronically, hopefully sometime in July. I took Brooke Warner's advice and decided to submit a portion of my manuscript to the Kindle Singles program. Now I am waiting to hear back from them. In the meantime, I'm revising the last portion of what will be about a 50-60 page Ebook available on Kindle. If Kindle Singles doesn't accept my submission, then I plan on publishing it on my own with the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) program. The cover I purchased from a designer on who I thought did a great job and who only charged me $10.

This first part of my memoir covers my early experience with Buddhism, my depression while I was a college student at UC Santa Cruz, and my first hospitalization in Massachusetts General Hospital. The last section describes the circumstances during which I first began to experience the harassment, persecution, threats, and voices both inside and outside my head that continue to this day. I will be publishing the Ebook under the title "The Voices Never Stopped."

I was recently put in touch with a young British filmaker who is working on a documentary about mental health and mental illness. He is currently looking for people who would like to be interviewed for his film and he can be contacted at his website,

I've been in Colorado visiting my dad this week. We've been cooking some good meals, eating at some good restaurants, and enjoying each other's company. This afternoon we pick up my mom at the Denver airport. I had another bad headache starting on Monday that lingered on until yesterday evening. I left my headache medication at home, so it didn't do me much good! Today I'm feeling better and am able to finish this blog post. My headaches cause a lot of pressure on my eyes and around my head. They also are very painful and I don't get much done. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and chanted in bed lying down for over an hour. I chanted to overcome and defeat the "devilish functions" in my life and to become a successful writer. I always feel better when I chant. After chanting, I feel back asleep and woke up around 7am. Fortunately, I don't have these kinds of headaches too often. When I do, it's very difficult to get anything done, especially reading or writing. I'll be here another few days and then it's back to California and my Self-Publishing Summit in Berkeley!

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