Piece Taken From My Poem,

I just wanted to take a moment and share a piece from a poem I wrote, due to a challenge on a blog post.  This is just to give a general idea of my writing.  Any feedback is welcome. 

' Ecstasy or Torment' is the name of a poem I wrote for challenge.  This blog: Trifecta is a wonderful prompt and challenge community.  If you have time, I would recommend checking out their blog.  It is a fabulous way to meet new people and an amazing prompt challenge that helps inspire me.

it was this happiness she could not tolerate
would not listen to one more time while she lived
for her heart was full of grief, a pain buried deep inside
the hurt sometimes expanding her heart until she ached
wondering how much more sorrow she could hold 
until it exploded so everyone could gaze and behold
her anger, hopelessness, lost faith, and despair
would the pastor then speak of a finer place for her

@ donetta sifford 4-25-2013

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