My yard has sprung to life. Strawberries are coming in, and I have 20 new hatchlings (chickens) to raise as of today. The flowers are blooming, grapes are evident on the vines, and the house wrens are taking up residences in our homemade birdhouses. Every section of my yard is filled with a piece of heaven, which represents God’s beauty.

I was on the lake this past weekend, and I caught a small mouth bass. We were there for three hours. The lake reminded me of Thoreau’s “mirrors and reflections” which contemplated one’s life. It did not matter that I did not catch but one fish (I returned it back to the lake), but it was the majesty and grandeur that I was permitted to visit while reflecting on my own journey. I am so thankful for life and all that it encompasses.

Take a moment today and listen to the sounds around you. Do you hear a choir of birds, crickets, and frogs? Breathe in the freshness and discern the aromas that fill the air. I smell the cedars and honeysuckles after a fresh fallen rain. Look at the smallest of niches of life. You will soon realize how powerful life can be when observing the minutest forms of creation.

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  • Patricia H Graham

    Hi Annell, I live in the North Carolina, in the Smokiesin fact. It is God's country. I am truly blessed to live here.

  • Where ever you are sounds wonderful.  I am located in a small township north of Chicago bordering Lake Michigan.  Seeing that lake is among the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life.  No matter if it is raging against the shore, has gently rolling waves, or appears to be absolutely so still it looks like a mirror, I love to watch it.  Every year the Sparrows make a nest in my air conditioner sleeve.  Their babies chirp all morning when they are living there. The noise never bothers me; it just makes me think of how blessed I am. The little township in which I live has trees everywhere. When you look down the streets, it is as though you are in a cathedral with trees arching high in the sky making the ceiling.  Many of the trees bloom, so spring is full of flowering trees.  I don't know the names, except for the Magnolias, but they are absolutely breathtaking. There are forest preserves north and west of us with horse riding trails or you can just walk or cycle. There are many homes that have lovely gardens, too. I love living here. 

  • Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your little slice of heaven!