The last Sunday
Written by
Delaine Zody
May 2013
Written by
Delaine Zody
May 2013

Last fall I decided to take on a task, actually more of a mission, that I had been asked to do for a long time. To return to teaching Sunday School at the church where we have been members for almost forty years. I had taught Sunday School, very successfully, many years ago. Had done it for about twenty years. Felt it was time for younger people to do it. And yet, they didn't seem to want to now. I was constantly asked by a variety of people to come back and teach again. 

The organization of Sunday morning children's classes had drastically changed over the years and that was the main reason I was reluctant to go back to the classroom. However, now, after trying many ways, the old way of teaching the classes had returned. I could have my own room rather than a part where I moved to a different room many times during the morning. I would have my own students with whom I could build a relationship rather than being a part of the personnel who traveled from room to room, not responsible for students but rather content. So, I agreed to do the first/second grade class every Sunday for the next nine months.

Today is the last day of those nine months. Thirty nine Sundays. I never missed. I bonded with the children. I built a routine and developed a group of well-behaved children. Unfortunately, that organization that I described in the previous paragraph has morphed once again and I cannot handle the new way of doing Sunday School so I am stepping aside after today. Again, I am hoping that younger people will step up and do the work.

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