New story idea.
Written by
Wendy M Thomas
May 2013
Written by
Wendy M Thomas
May 2013

The story opens up to find our two girls very nervous. They are at a house with a creepy guy getting fake hospital IDs made. Ariel and Angie are desperate to get in to see their future mother- in- laws.

Three days ago the moms got together to work on plans for their son's double wedding. They were in a head on collision. It left them badly hurt. Both woman are in ICU. The girls are not allowed in to see them because they're not family yet. 

Ariel and Angie are both orphans. They both grew up in foster care. Many times they were put together. Now adults they are closer than sisters. They fall in love with best friends.

Now they are planning a big double wedding with the help of their future moms.

The guys know how much their girls need to see their moms so they are working on their own plan.

Much of this will be flash backs while the girls are getting their fake IDs

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