On Mother's Day

"I used to think my relationship with my mother ended with her death...As I change, so does my perception of my mother. As time passes, the memories that keep her alive are washed in a new light. Our relationship is ongoing. It is a wellspring."

This is from our collaborative memoir, Still Here Thinking of You ~ A Second Chance With Our Mothers by Susan Hodara, Joan Potter, Lori Toppel, & me.

My mother died 16 years ago. But this day, and every day, I think of her, and not only that, but I interact with the memories I have of our time together. She influences, guides, inspires, infuriates, amuses, and amazes me still. When I look at photographs, when I read my journals, and when I simply let my mind drift back in time, she is with me once again. I miss her. She was my beginning. I continue, holding her in my memory, in my heart.

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  • Hi Sandra Sealy! I will definitely visit your facebook page - thanks for contacting me! Peace!

  • I love that thought, that fact - our mother's heartbeat being the first sound we ever hear...

    thank you, Renee'Lynn !!!

  • Renee' Lynn

    FYI: Our mother's heartbeat is the first sound we ever hear.


    There is no need to hold on, if you've already let what happened shape you.