Writing about the Restoration Business
Written by
Kate Powell
April 2013
Written by
Kate Powell
April 2013

I forget that I blog for our business.  That, too is writing -- and how to be relaxed about a technical item and make it interesting is a writing challenge.  My writing is creating fans -- or is it the topic? 

I haven't posted much here because I don't think about the writing I do all the time as W-R-I-T-I-N-G!  BUT IT IS.

I write many technical reports for museums and institutions about the conservation (restoration) projects, but what I enjoy is the challenge of writing for the blog, making it interesting for everyday folks.  

Last post was yesterday, the first installment of five on an unusual piece of furniture we are restoring, an Eastlake Sofa-Bed.  

The image write is from the most recent post, Eastlake Sofa-Bed Upholstery Conservation #1: Excavation.  I have had emails already, which is gratifying!  I am reaching people!

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