Why Is Writing About Myself So Difficult?
Written by
Alonna Shaw
April 2013
Written by
Alonna Shaw
April 2013

(Me at my favorite place, an over-water house Bora-Bora, 1999. From the MyDestination.com article.)

Promotion is part of the writer's equation. And I'm just not good at it... never have been. Yes, I was a shy kid, but that can't be an excuse to get out of letting the world know I've slaved away on a project I love. Now, that it's ready for the world I need to be, too.

This time Kirsty A. Brown at MyDestination.com did the work for me. When interviews are fun and you innately know you can trust the person in charge of the words, well, that is best case scenario. Our emails and Skypechat went so well I put on my "brave" persona and asked for one of my Bucket List dreams: to write a travel piece. And she said "yes!" (My story on the Point Reyes National Seashore--coming soon.)

We writers, who spend most of our time alone, do need to put on the brave persona and ask for what we want. Here's the part I'm working on and you may have down pat: talking about ourselves, our passions, and how we became the person who puts words on "paper." There isn't another person out there like us, so letting our unique selves out there for the world to interact with--is a good thing. Connecting is a good thing.

Here's a link to Kirsty's interview.

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