Question Everything
Written by
Reese Ryan
April 2013
Written by
Reese Ryan
April 2013

Around the age of four children, who are naturally curious, learn one of the most glorious words in the English language–Why? This single word–tiny and unassuming–is the key to knowledge and, more importantly, the development of true understanding. Of ourselves. The people and world around us.

Each time we ask why we are developing our curiosity and gaining additional knowledge. Expanding our minds and discovering new worlds. Such a small word, but it is the key to a magical universe where everything seems twinkly, exciting, and new.

It’s not uncommon for a small child to ask a successive string of whys that exhaust his or her parents, or anyone else who will respond (as is the case for the poor guy in the Hyundai video below). Each why provides new information which, of course, requires additional questions.

But somewhere along the way we no longer question everything. We accept the status quo and the narratives learned from others…You can’t do this. You should never do that. Don’t say this. Don’t question authority. Don’t rock the boat.

And so we follow the leader and fall in line. People who question everything, yet succeed, are considered renegades. People who question everything, and just annoy the hell out of us are branded rule breakers (or words that are a lot worse). But maybe these folks are onto something...

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