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  • Unafriad (or Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway)
Unafriad (or Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway)
Written by
Reese Ryan
April 2013
Written by
Reese Ryan
April 2013

Fear has held an unhealthy place in my psyche for as long as I can remember. Fear of heights and water kept me from flying, or learning to swim until I was a married adult and had powerful motivation to do so. Fear of rejection held me back as an entrepreneur, from joining a critique group, and from submitting my work to agents and editors.

Even now–with my debut novel being published this summer–I still peek through my fingers, hesitant to post an excerpt. Feeling both joy and dread that my work will be published. I have many more goals ahead, including a desire to establish a career in magazine writing (in addition to fiction writing). But that pesky, old friend fear perches on my shoulder and whispers in my ear.

You’ll never be good enough. Why set yourself up for failure? What will people think?

But this morning I got the most wonderful gift delivered to my inbox from local writer, Linda Formichelli. In a post on her site, The Renegade Writer, she shared the link to a Skype talk she and her partner-in-crime, Carol Tice, gave on overcoming fear.

The video is a half hour long, but completely worth it for anyone who struggles with fear of failure or rejection.

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