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  • Cloud-based Productivity Solutions for Small Business Owners
Cloud-based Productivity Solutions for Small Business Owners
Written by
Zoey Maldonado
April 2013
Written by
Zoey Maldonado
April 2013

In the world of business, one must be well informed on how to use Information Technology. However, many business owners and managers still yearn for greater convenience from their IT applications, as well as security, privacy and accuracy to get their work done in a more productive fashion.

From the business owner’s perspective, the cloud is essentially a pool of third-party, web-based resources. Running business applications in the cloud means that you could literally limit your in-office resources to a few tablets or laptops and an internet connection, minimizing the costs of hardware and software overhead. In addition, cloud-based software packages are most often subscription-based with predictable monthly rates and considerably less expensive to maintain than purchasing multiple software licenses and upgrades.

Here is how the cloud can streamline your business:

  • Sharing information and collaboration: Business owners can access their online business applications anytime, anywhere in a multi-user environment from any internet-enabled device.
  • Creating and sending files in a secure manner: This enables only authorized personnel to access and edit the data they need.
  • Remote logging: Cloud technology overcomes the challenges of multiple-user environments, security risks, inconvenience and speeds.
  • Data backup: This ensures that users can recover lost information at any time.
  • Disaster recovery: Business owners can save their data files offsite, which ensures ongoing accessibility.
  • Software Updates: Business owners automatically get the latest updates to their business software, which helps keep them current.

It’s obvious that the benefits of cloud technology include more than just being able to create, access, storing and share vital company information. The flexibility of cloud technology allows many business applications like Stichlabs and Zoho CRM to easily integrate with merchant accounts, invoicing software and web applications like Paypal.

Cloud technology is green

While it’s true that housing your business applications on a multi-tenant platform leaves you with less hardware to purchase which saves you a good deal of money; did you know that by moving your key business applications to the cloud can allows your business to produce considerably less carbon than businesses that maintain in-house IT services.

The mobile market expansion

By the end of this year, it is estimated that over 50% of the US population using mobile technology will own a smartphone or some other form of mobile device. This will be a huge market to tap into for some businesses and I encourage every small business owner to look into what cloud computing can do to help expand their business and streamline their structure and operational procedures.

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