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  • NYC Prosecutor Launches "The Innocence Revolution"- A Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse - 4/14/13
NYC Prosecutor Launches "The Innocence Revolution"- A Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse - 4/14/13

Tomorrow is The Innocence Revolution - A Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse - 35 States and 40 Countries Signed on to Host Events!

As a child sexual abuse prevention specialist, I was asked last May to speak in Rome at their 4th Annual National Day Against Pedophilia. It was an amazing opportunity and I returned wondering how Italy could be celebrating their 4th Annual when in the United States we had never even had a first. I started talking to some people about what would be on their wish list for a National Day Against Child Sexual Abuse. Before long, I partnered with a new friend, Tom Scales and others to form The Innocence Revolution.  We had not even launched yet and our national day had gained global interest. Flash forward a year and Sunday, April 14th will be the first annual The Innocence Revolution - A Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse.

This year, numerous child abuse prevention organizations and individuals have worked together to unite in the fight to end child sexual abuse.  The Innocence Revolution understands that we are stronger together than we are alone.  With a 4 x 4 truck show in Australia, road races in DC and Florida and an outdoor music festival in India with a clothing drive to clothe naked children in the streets, there will be plenty of opportunity to make an impact and allow our voices to be heard. Pakistan, Italy, Iceland, Ghana and Nigeria are among the countries joining The Innocence Revolution on this monumental occasion. 

For the inaugural day, Tanzania has plans for trumpets to blow for 1/2 hour atop a mountain whose name means 'beautiful rock'.  Earlier today we learned that Cameroon has joined The Innocence Revolution.  Cameroon!  I know a few people had to look that one up.

New York City will be hosting a Family Day of Awareness at the Cherry Esplanade in Carl Schurz Park at 86th Street and East End Avenue from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on April 14th.  The event will provide visibility and education about child sexual abuse prevention for adults and family fun with face painting and craft projects for the children.

Please go to http://www.TheInnocenceRevolution.net and register for an event in your area. If there isn't one, get 30 white balloons and a press release and orchestrate a balloon release in honor of the day.  Or arrange to have your church ring their bells in honor of The Innocence Revolution.  Do something and get involved in the fight to end child sexual abuse.

Now is the time to tweet and post on Facebook.  Please use the hashtag #TheInnocenceRevolution

Join #TheInnocence Revolution - A Global Day to End Child Sexual #Abuse http://www.TheInnocenceRevolution.net

Facebook Page:http://www.facebook.com/groups/theinnocencerevolution/?fref==3Dts

If you have any media contacts, please share the below press release with them as well. We appreciate your support in this monumental global event.  On April 14th, we intend to make some noise so together we can stop the silence.

Thank you in advance for all of your help in spreading the word and making this day a success.


Press Release:

Tweets to share on Facebook/Twitter:

Thank you to Joyful Heart Foundation and Mariska Hargitay for Supporting The Innocence Revolution - 4/14/13 http://fb.me/Rg8LrJGB

Family Day of Awareness in #NYC TheInnocenceRevolution - A Global Day to End #Child Sexual Abuse http://theinnocencerevolution.eventbrite.com/ #UES

Local businesses contributing funds toward the purchase of the book, “My Body Belongs to Me,” written by Jill Starishevsky, a prosecutor of sex offenders.


All the best,

Jill Starishevsky
Prosecutor, Child Abuse/Sex Crimes
Author, My Body Belongs to Me
My Body Signature
.....In only 19 sentences, this simple book will empower children while promoting open communication.
- School Library Journal


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innocencerevolution.jpg image by heymannycA proud supporter of The Innocence Revolution (TIR) and its commitment to raise the visibility of child sexual abuse and encourage all efforts to protect children and help survivors heal.  Join TIR and make your voice heard on April 14, 2013 with millions of others around the globe.

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