Writer Beware: Websites That Want You To Hack

I get emails from websites that want me write recommendations and reviews. They promise freebies, and sometimes money.

I just finished Steven Pressfield’s booklet, The War of Art, Winning the Inner Creative Battle. He gave a great definition of a hack. It’s a writer who writes what the market is looking for instead of what is in his heart.

Full disclosure: in my former life, I was a hack. It’s a legitimate career, but now that I have an opportunity to search my heart and see what’s there, I want to write more creatively. It’s my bad if I fall victim to writing for rewards.

Pressfield suggests an image that I am running with. Picture yourself looking through a dark glass, one palm placed on the cold pane. On the other side stand an angel (muse) who sees you clearly. He has his hand placed on the windowpane, on the opposite side, to match yours. He looks lovingly into your unseeing eyes and whispers “evolve.” Lean in, see if you can catch his scent or hear a bass tone that resonates in your soul.

I do believe that angels dwell among us and thrill to the possibility of pointing us in the direction of the Light.

Our expressions of faith need the freedom of discovery.

If there is a visual artist out there reading this, would you tackle that angelic image? I’d love to see it.

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