Lucas Prologue
Written by
Mercy B. Taylor
April 2013
Written by
Mercy B. Taylor
April 2013


Once upon a time…

There was a little girl who lived in her imagination more than the real world and she and her siblings went on fabulous adventures together. One day a boy named Lucas introduced himself to her and her life was never the same.

I have been working on Lucas’s story (formerly called Rekindled) for the past six years. This has been a character that has grown with me and has changed in more ways than I can count but because of this I understand my story and characters better. I am working on completing  the first book, which is called Lucas, sometime this year. So, with Camp NaNo as an excuse I have been furthering my progress with Lucas’s story this month and what better way to keep you all updated with the story then to release a portion of the draft, so if you’re interested keep reading.

About the Novel

This is a story about a world struggling with belief. It has been said that there is a power that flows through the earth which some believe to be a fable while others believe that it actually might exist. There are several characters that the story follows as they embark on a quest that will solve old riddles, explain the past and make a prophecy for the future. Beware this story is full of humans, amazons and other fantasy creatures.

(soon I’ll dedicate a post to the main characters of the novel)

Here’s my synopsis:

When a promise as old as times is uncovered – only faith can expel the darkness

After centuries of peace, the Four Nations are threatened with a war that might destroy them and the remaining traces of hope once and for all.

Lucas, a student in the Order, escapes with his life after his teacher sacrifices himself. Caught in an ambush, and outnumbered, Lucas witnesses the death of two friends. Can Lucas still trust his mentor and leave the Four Nations? Or will he stay and find another destiny as he prepares for war?

Nothipher is a Eloran Prince running from his crown. After witnessing the death of his father at the hand of the nobles he turned his back on his throne and his duty. Can he ignore the growing threat in the North pressing towards his land? What will he do when he finds himself drawn into the raging war and face the possibility that his people’s old enemy has returned and are targeting a novice on the run?

For Reviewers

If you are interested in reading the prologue to my novel, leave me your email in the comments box below. I would love it if you would send me a message back with your thoughts after you’ve read the excerpt.

In this draft I am more concerned with the flow of the story so if there are any grammatical errors I sincerely apologize. But I would love it if you could point these things out.

Well, I’m signing off!

May He lead your steps and mine,


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