Writing as Mystical Journey
Written by
Stephanie Bird
April 2013
Written by
Stephanie Bird
April 2013

Okay! I admit it.  I'm a nonfiction writer.  I've had 5 nonfiction books published but within all of them are stories.  Now story has taken hold of me and I am on a mystical journey towards fiction.  I am workshopping my new (in development) novel and am working with an editor on getting a chapter by chapter analysis. I see no reason that a nonfiction writer cannot write compelling fiction.

My Goddess, I never realized the challenges of fiction writing or creating a novel.  I have written a memoir and thought of fictionalizing it.  That gave me some material to initially work with but I quickly realized that you can't just fictionalize a memoir, you've got to commit yourself fully to fiction. Gradually I came to see fictionalizing and fiction are two distinct entities.

So, I'm going through this journey of discovery, mystery and yes, there is even some magic along the way. I am inclined to always seek out magic on my path. My protagonist Yolanda is an eclectic practitioner but mostly she is a shaman.

When writing something painful, I can get lost in sorrow and feel completely and utterly alone. Yolanda suffers from physical, mental and spiritual illness. Her journey is often one of intense suffering though in the end she is triumphant. All of this is why workshopping is so important. Having others to share your work with, however early it may seem, makes the journey less lonely. Currently, I am in a writer's workshop at Newberry Library in Chicago.  This summer I hope to do some workshopping at The Loft Literary Center in Minnesota.

More on my website about my books: www.stephanierosebird.com

More on the muse, writing and creative process on my personal blog: http://stephanierosebirdstudio.blogspot.com/2013/04/invoking-muse.html

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