New Inspirational Book by Isabelle Esling

I am always looking for new and interesting books. I recently came upon French born author Isabelle Esling's second release with Hayden Kian Publishing House, "Unwrap Your Present." The books description sounded very intriguing and I immediately knew I had to purchase the book.

Before the book arrived, I decided I was going to read the book over a two week period to get the full affect of what the book had to offer. I patiently waited and five days later my book arrived. I stuck to my original two week plan. Once I opened the book it immediately captured my full attention and I was stuck to the pages like glue. As much as I wanted to read the whole book from cover to cover I limited myself. I wanted to feel the full affect the book had to offer by breaking it down and limiting myself to several chapters each night.

I found Unwrap Your Present to be one of the best and motivational self-help books on the market today. I have always been a very positive person, negativity is not even in my vocabulary but this book made me want to improvement my life even more.

I quickly began living a richer dimension of life. I was able to see past any small amount of negativity that was still in my life, stealing even the smallest part of my self worth and I could see life as a more beautiful gift than ever before. The best part was this special gift available to everyone that is if you are willing to open your mind, body and spirit.

Each chapter explained and taught me how to release stressful and negative thoughts thru meditation and visualization techniques. Isabelle's exploration of mind and body helped me reach an inner stillness, peacefulness and allowed me to have a joyful outlook on life within the matter of a few days. I found this book to be remarkable and helpful tool for anyone with an open mind for change. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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