The Door

door-ajarAs an artist (writer), I have a thing for zombies; stories about man’s hopeless plight against the flesh-hungry once-humans only to succumb (to the virus or become food) themselves.  Other stories like The Road,  John Carpenter’s The Thing,  or even Final Destination where humans battle (whether it be a post apocalyptic world, or an otherworldly creature, or the Grim Reaper itself) to survive only to meet their demise in the end.   What’s the basic theme for all of these?


No matter how hard we fight, or how we try to put off certain things, in the end it is always the same.

We all must die.

I came face to face with this stark reality at the age of fourteen when my best friend and cousin, Darren, died.  I have lost others, but this one event made me realize at a young age that we don’t live forever. That our body is not invincible.

Ever since then, I’ve become curious, even somewhat fascinated with death; and what possibly lied beyond this life.

I don’t believe that all the religions of this world can truly prepare you for it.  No one can honestly say that they know without a shout of doubt where their souls go after their bodies die.

We don’t know. Not until we are faced with our own deaths, and we cross that threshold, will we truly know what’s in store for us beyond this life.

Does this frighten me?

No, not really.

I believe that our souls do move on to somewhere after death. I do believe that death is not the end of us.  We do continue.  To what capacity and to where though we won’t know until we are there ourselves. This is why I’m curious.  It’s like standing at a door that’s locked and you can’t access it until that right time.  Until that time, you wonder what’s on the other side.  Dreams and imagination abound with the seemingly unlimited possibilities.  Then the door opens on its own but only to you and to no one else, and only you can pass through but once you do, there is no turning back.  You can’t go back to tell anyone what’s truly on the other side.

It’s a bit exciting, but terribly unnerving at the same time.

In the meantime, do I try to rush through this life to see what’s on the other side of that door?

No. I want to live each day to the fullest because once I cross through that door, I know there is no going back.

(first posted on my journal/memoir, Whispering Shadows)

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