Guest Post with Author of "Child of Mine" Judy M. Walters
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March 2013
Written by
March 2013

Thank you, Kitty, for offering to host me on your GMTA blog today.  

My novel, Child of Mine, is about an infertile midwife, a strong, independent, knows-what-she-wants kind of woman.  She has always directed her life, from deciding at a young age that she wanted to become a midwife, to attending the Ivy League college of her choice, to marrying an up and coming lawyer who treats her as an equal life partner and appreciates her strengths.  The one area in her life that has always been dicey: dealing with her depressed sister, who makes huge demands on her time and psyche, but whom Katie loves and deeply cares for. Now she faces the biggest challenge of her life - she can’t become pregnant, despite the most aggressive fertility treatments available.

People ask me a lot if I’m like Katie. I wish! I wish I were that strong and independent and had her confidence and intelligence.  I would have loved to be a midwife, but I sucked at science in high school and never got passed Biology. I didn’t even attemptChemistry.  I also left high school having no idea what I wanted to do, and I did not go to an Ivy League college.  I did, however, struggle to get pregnant via infertility treatments, twice, for each of my daughters.  This was twenty and seventeen years ago, but the experience has stuck with me, and it is still one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever been through, on par with losing my beloved Mother-in-Law to cancer and dealing with family mental illness. 

When you can’t have a baby but really want to, your entire life goes into free fall.  You no longer feel secure in your world.  You have trouble concentrating. Depression and anxiety are common.  Infertility affects every major area of your life: financial, emotional, physical, work, home, friends, family... 

When I started writing this book, my main character, Katie, was a television producer for a show much like the Oprah Winfrey Show.  With Katie in that job, I was able to show how career is impacted by infertility, but something felt wrong. I didn’t know that much about television production, and Katie’s life crisis wasn’t being fully explored. What if I made her a midwife, I thought? I am fascinated by pregnancy and birth anyway, and know those topics well, and as a midwife, Katie’s whole world would be completely upside down and devastated. What would it feel like to be infertile and delivering other people’s babies all day (and night) long? And what if my main character was an adoptee, as well? She has no biological connection to the world, and she desperately wants one. So that’s how the Katie you will meet in my novel came to be.

I love to hear from readers.  My email is [email protected] Please drop me a note and let me know what you thought of Child of Mine.

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