Don't Give Up On Your Writing!
Written by
Chrys Fey
March 2013
Written by
Chrys Fey
March 2013

Writing a book is not easy, but don’t let that stop you. I didn’t let it stop me….

I started writing when I was twelve, after I found that rusty screw, but four years and three books later, I stopped writing completely. Did I lose my writing mojo?

Obviously not, but I did lose interest in writing that old series because I had started it as a child and I wanted the series to reflect my adult mind. Therefore, I started the long, grueling task of rewriting my entire series. Was I crazy? Possibly, but I was also determined!

It was a difficult project because I was not working on a new book with a new storyline. I was reconstructing an old book and improving an old storyline. For months, I got and rejected many ideas. I started several new beginnings only to toss them out. Finally, one fabulous day, an idea came to me that I loved. I wrote and wrote, but when I reached the middle of the book I suddenly ran headlong into a writer’s block.

Weeks went by and I struggled to write. Then a miracle happened. I stumbled upon a rock band, bought their CD, and listened to it repeatedly. Inspired, I finished my book in just two weeks. However, that was not the end of my struggle. Far from it.

After months passed, I suddenly wasn’t happy with my book anymore so I read my manuscript and edited it. I repeated this process many times, even after I finished the second book, and when I was writing the third. I rewrote the entire beginning more times that I can remember because I kept wanting to make it better and better. In the end, I rewrote the first chapter, changing it so much that it became the prologue.

Another issue I kept coming to was that I felt like everything happened too quickly in my book. Yes, I write thrillers, but it bothered me. So I paused working on my third book to revisit the first and I edited it again for the umpteenth time, but more importantly, I wrote filling material to go between the action to make the story flow better and let the reader catch their breath.     

So yes, writing a book can be difficult, but don’t panic! Even if you get stuck or can’t seem to create content that you find worthy enough for your precious story, keep working on it and you’ll end up with something you're happy with.


QUESTION: Have you experienced a struggle like mine while writing, or something different?


I would love to hear how you overcame it!


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