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SWP at AWP: She Writers, We Have A Catalog!

It wasn't easy getting there.  A blizzard hit Boston the day I flew in, and it took me five hours to get from New York to New England when it should only have taken me one.  I landed in a whiteout on a runway covered in snow, and thought, "Oh AWP, when will we meet in Miami?"  It was an exhausting journey, but boy, the destination was worth every minute it took me to get there.

Entering the cavernous, windowless exhibition hall at last, I admit I was feeling pretty flat.  But seeing Brooke Warner, an editor I have admired for so many years now, seated proudly behind the She Writes Press table as the Publisher of She Writes Press, and, more important, seeing the array of books published by SWP displayed on our table in all their gorgeousness, turned my day right around.  I couldn't wait to sit next to Brooke, and get behind those books.  I couldn't wait to pick them up, hold them, flip through them, read them, and, more than anything, I couldn't wait to show them off.  And show them off I did.

I wish I could personally hand each of you a copy of each one of these extraordinary titles.  Brooke has taken her years of experience as an editor at Seal Press and used her relationships, her expertise and her impeccable taste to produce volumes that are as beautiful as they are compelling to read.  Our authors are all women with extraordinary talent and authentic voices, with a wide range of stories to tell.  And with our hybrid model, SWP captured the attention and the imagination of AWP attendees in a way that made publishing, which has been buried in dreary reports of its demise for so many years now, seem an exciting, cutting-edge cause for optimism again.

I know our model isn't for everybody.  But I couldn't contain myself from telling anyone who would listen how excited I am about publishing my own book with SWP as soon as I'm done writing it.  (No months of waiting in anguished suspense for publishers' responses for me!)  I can't wait to experiment with this new way of publishing, which will give me the editorial and production support of a traditional house, AND the freedom, flexibility and upside from each sale that only self-published authors now enjoy.  

Most of all, I can't wait to join the ranks of women who have already joined us.  And today, I am thrilled to share the current roster in our first-ever She Writes Press catalog.  Please, look through it, order from it, reach out to our pioneering class of authors to congratulate them and ask them about their experience, and don't forget She Writes Press as you pursue your publishing dreams in a rapidly changing publishing world. 

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  • Yes, they will be available in e format, too!

  • Christine Keleny

    Good luck to you!

  • Jenni Ogden Writing

    Fantastic catalogue! Will these books be available in due course as e-books (not as lovely to hold, smell and admire, but so much easier to get, and without the doubling of cost because of the postage for those of us who live on the other side of the world).

  • @Betsy WE are so proud to have you!!

  • I'm so honored to have my book be a among SWP's initial year launches. I find myself bragging about SWP as if I invented it myself. Brooke and Kamy (whom I hope to meet someday soon) you have accomplished an amazing amount in such a short time period. I can't wait to see what comes next.   

  • Cori Howard

    So exciting! Next year in Seattle! Yay! Close enough for me to go. Can't wait to start reading SWP books. Especially yours, Kamy!

  • Julie Luek

    I'm really hopeful for this model to succeed. The publishing world is definitely changing, but I think the integrity of She Writes is what will back and carry this effort to success.  Wild success to all the authors. Now, off to check out this catalog!

  • gayle brandeis

    So wonderful to finally meet you in person, Kamy! Wish we had crossed paths, Brooke--next time. :) Thank you for all you both do. xoxo

  • Allison Polk

    I was at AWP, but it was my first time -- I got a little overwhelmed with that behemoth of a book fair... and only just yesterday discovered She Writes during my post-conference searching.  The catalog looks absolutely fabulous and my only problem is figuring out which one I want to read first.  Kudos!

  • Thank you, Kamy. So thrilled to be there with you, too. And what an experience we had in the Woman "hood" with so many other amazing women's organizations: Hedgebrook, AROHO, Women's Review of Books, VIDA. We hope to see you all next year in Seattle!